Where to take old appliances

Free appliance pickup Service

Trying to get rid of old appliances can be a hassle sometimes because many donation pickup services will not accept appliances unless they are in working condition. Organizations like the Salvation Army and the Goodwill have policies in place that can vary from store to store.

Getting $35 old appliances disposal can be stressful at times. In one city they might accept your old and broken appliances but in another city you’re on your own when it comes to getting rid of your old appliances. Some places might accept a refrigerator if it is cleaned up and another place might not accept a refrigerator at all. The question about where to take old appliances can become a hard question to answer if you live in a remote city. In a situation like that you will be better off dropping of the appliance to a company or individual that accepts old appliances.

where to take old appliances

Who will accept old appliances for $35.?

If you need old appliance pickup and haul away, you can count on “washer pickup” to accept all of your old and broken appliances. The thing about this service is that you must live in or near a major city. There is another option if you are not located in or near a major city. In this case you will have to arrange for the company to meet you at a specific location that is reasonable. Or you can just drop off that appliance at the place of business of the appliance pickup service.

What appliances will be accepted?

All major appliances are accepted for $35. when dealing with this service. A dishwasher is not accepted unless it is accompanied by another major appliance. Your appliances do not have to be cleaned up in order for them to be accepted.

How to schedule a freeappliance pickup

If you have not a clue as to where to take old appliances then you can just fill out the simple form below and an associate will contact you to schedule a freeappliance pickup. Please be sure to include the city and state that you live for better processing. You will receive a call for the associate with an hour. During this time period, you should make sure that all hoses are disconnected and all food is removed from the refrigerator if you are in need of refrigerator pickup.


Appliance pickup for $35.

Appliance recycling


None of your appliances will ever end up in the junk yard. All appliances will be either refurbished or recycled. Never worry about if the environment will be affected when dealing with this service because we are environmentally friendly. Get your $35 used appliance removal done today and save money.