Lowes old appliance removal

Lowes old appliance removal

There are a few companies out there who will offer you $35 old appliance removal. Lowes can be a great avenue to get rid of your appliances if you do not know what to do with them after you have purchased a new set. But companies such as Lowes and Sears will only accept you appliances if you purchase a new set from them. So what do you do when you bought your appliances from Craigslist or if you picked them up from the local appliance store. In many areas you cannot just set you appliances on the curb without getting fined from the city. And the junk yard may not accept your refrigerator if it contains Freon. Some companies will pickup your appliances for a fee that can be as much a s 100 dollars.

Lowes old appliance removal (no house calls for appliance pickup)

Lowes can be a great company to purchase appliances from if you want to buy new appliances and have the old ones hauled away. But there is a $35 service that can provide you will appliance removal if you live in or near a major city. Unlike Lowes old appliance removal, you appliance pickup associate will pickup your appliances even if  you have not purchased one.

Fill out the form above to have all of your old and broken up appliances that you no longer want picked up. When completing the form you must make sure that you include the city and the state that you live in so that your appliance pickup will not be held up for lack of information.

This service will accept all of your old major appliances for free. A dishwasher cannot be accepted by itself but must be accompanied by another major appliance. Also of importance is the fact that your old appliances must be on ground level or a fee of 35 dollars per appliance must be paid in order to remove your appliances.

Fill out the form now and someone will contact you to schedule a freeold appliance pickup.