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Appliance Removal free of charge

Appliance pick up is available in your area. But don’t just choose any company, Choose one with a great track record when dealing with the appliance pick up. has a team of associates who specialize in appliance pick up. Need help with disposing of a refrigerator? Choose your city from the drop down menu that says “schedule a pick up” and you will be contacted by an associate who is on standby to pick up all of your old and broken appliances.

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Appliance pick up (What to look for in a good company)

  • A good appliance pick up company should first be credible. This is important because with all the scams out there, it can be easy to choose someone who does not know what they are doing. Choosing the wrong appliance removal company can end up costing you money In the long run. We put you with a reputable appliance removal service that has been involve with the pick up of all major heavy appliances. In this way you can be assured that your appliance pick up appointment will go as smooth as possible.
  • A good appliance disposal company must be experienced when dealing with tough situations. It’s not good to find out that your appliance removal company shows up to your house and then tells you has no clue about how to remove your old washer and dryer, you have to do it yourself.
  • A good appliance removalcompany should be well equipped to handle the job. You don’t want anyone in you home who has to borrow you tools in order to disconnect the hoses for the washer.  Or even have to use your hand truck to get the appliances outside.
  • Good appliance pick up companies are safe. This is a must because you don’t want a company picking up the appliances safely, but damaging your home or place of business in the process
  • A good appliance pick up company should offer  you free pick up of all major appliances. Why pay to have old and broken appliances removed from your home when the pick up company with only clean them up, fix them and resell them anyway. Our associates offer you free appliance pick up on all of your heavy appliances.
Appliance pick up

Appliance pick up

Appliance pick up (fees apply in some situations)

There are two instances when you will be charged a fee for appliance pick up.

  1. When you live outside of the coverage area of one of our associates
  2. When your appliances are located upstairs or in the basement

If you live outside of the coverage area of one of our associates then a fuel charge must be  assessed to cover the cost of fuel for traveling outside of our coverage area. If you have a three or more appliances then your fuel fee can be waived.

If your appliances are situated upstairs or in the basement then there is a 25 dollar fee per appliance that must be assessed. This fee helps to cover the cost of insurance  in the event of an accident or damage to your home or property. Please note that removing appliances from upstairs or in the basement can cause damage to your stair case. To avoid this fee please have your appliance on the first floor ready for appliance pick up. thanks for reading.


washer pick up

washer pick up