Washing machine and dryer pickup

Washer and Dryer pickup

Please fill out the form below for appliance pickup if you live in or near any major city. Please note that appliances located upstairs or in the basement will cost 35 dollars per appliance to be removed. Also be sure to include the city and state that you live in for faster processing. Click here if you live more than 15 miles away from a major city.

Old washer removal

When getting rid of old appliances, one the hardest task is old washer removal. Washing machines can be very hard to remove especially if the appliance is located upstairs or in the basement. But even on ground level, washing machine pickup can still be a pain. Their are situations that can make a washer very hard to deal with. For instance, if water is trapped inside the washing machine then this could make the appliance just as heavy as a side by side refrigerator. Also if the washer is in a tight corner then you can be in for treat when trying to haul it out of this position. One of the worst nightmares of old appliance pickup is trying to remove a washer and dryer stacked unit. If not done properly, you can bring much damage to your home or property. Save time and your back by filling out the form above to get that washer or dryer picked up for free.. Please note if the washer is located upstairs or in the basement then there is a free of 35 dollars per appliance to be removed.

Dryer pickup

A dryer just might be the easiest appliance to remove but there are  still some precautions that you should be aware of. Always wear gloves when removing a dryer. Always unplug a dryer before handling it. If you have allergies then you should wear a dust mask in order to avoid breathing the many particles that will be floating in the air once you remove the dryer exhaust hose. Once your dryer is disconnected and removed, you can contact us to pickup your dryer. The only exception to the free dryer pickup is if you dryer is upstairs or in the basement. In this case there is a 35 dollar fee for removal.

Dryer Pickup
Dryer Pickup

Pickup old stove

Stove disposal seems to be another messing job. Some people even have double ovens in their homes that are very heavy.  For those who have never done stove removal before, it may not at first look like that much of a deal. But if there is grease and scum present on the stove, then this could make the job a little more difficult. We can remove your stove for free. if it is located on ground level. However if your stove is a drop in stove that is hard wired to an electrical source then you will have to get a professional or someone who knows how to disconnect the appliance to remove it. Also, a stove is normally fits into a compartment that is made just for the stove. Many times is compartment is the same size of the stove. Therefore removing the stove incorrectly can possibly damage to the countertop on either side of the stove. When someone is removing your stove from a position like this then you should inform them to be careful not to causer damage to your countertop. Once your stove is removed, fill out the form to schedule it to be picked up for free..

Refrigerator pickup

Even though this is a site that talks a lot about washer and dryer pickup, we do accept all other appliances for appliance pickup. However a dishwasher must be accompanied by another major appliance in or to be picked up for free.. One of the most common kitchen appliance that will malfunction on you is the refrigerator. This is the biggest most difficult appliance to remove especially if it is a side by side model. We specialize in Refrigerator disposal. We can remove your refrigerator if it is a top and bottom model. If you have a side by side refrigerator then you will need to get someone either remove the doors or haul it out of the house to have it hauled away. Once your refrigerator is out of the house, you can contact us for free. refrigerator disposal. refrigeraror pickup

What to do with old appliances (appliance recycling)

There are some appliances that we have not touched on this article but if you have other small appliances then we can still picked them up as long as they are accompanied by another major appliance. This includes microwaves, large grills, trash compactors, dishwashers, water heaters and other small kitchen appliances. None  of your appliances will ever end up in a land fill. We offer you free appliance recycling no matter what condition your appliance may be in.